Agency services for sea and river vessels PETROMAR

Agency services
sea and river vessels

The company LLC "Petromar" provides full and round-the-clock agency service for sea and river vessels in the seaports of the Russian Federation Excellent knowledge of the working conditions of port terminals and long-term cooperation with their operators, port administration and port service providers allow us to protect the interests of the shipowner and the charterer, to efficiently and quickly solve problems in the field of fast and favorable turnover of ships.
Услуги по агентированию судов

What we do

иконка агентирования судов
Planning Documentation Supply chain Support Transportation


Planning and coordination of ship placement with Terminals and Port authorities


- implementation of all border, customs, sanitary and veterinary formalities related to the entry and exit of the vessel to / from the port;

- preparation of necessary documents 

- organization of visas for crew members

- implementation of payment of all necessary fees

Supply chain

Organization of ship supply (food, fuel, spare parts, equipment, etc.)

- organization of crew changes

- medical care of the crew

- other services at the request of the captain (ship owner)


- Timely and regular information support of the shipowner, as well as all interested parties, about the rules of a particular port, the prospects for berthing the vessel, the upcoming duration of loading/unloading and the total time of the vessel's parking in the port, the course of main and auxiliary operations, etc.

- Monitoring of cargo operations


- Organization of bunkering

- Towing order

- Order of pilotage



150 Br



150 Br



150 Br

St. Petersburg


150 Br

MTP Ust-Luga

DWT ships

Our representatives

Viktoria Goncharenko

Viktoria Goncharenko

Disbursement Manager

"We use the latest technologies of a centralized accounting system for the appropriate processing of counter-invoices and complete documentation management."

Viktor Vladimirovich

Viktor Vladimirovich

Head of agency department

"The coordination and constant monitoring of all services, in all ports, allows us to provide service to our customers at a high level and quickly adapt even to the most unexpected situations."

Sakharov Anatoly

Sakharov Anatoly


The impossible will remain impossible, but everything possible must be done.



The sea not only inspires, but also disciplines, teaches you to make quick decisions using all your knowledge and experience, trying to do sometimes impossible things.

We successfully use this valuable experience on the shore, trying to find the optimal solution for any situation that arises in the course of work.

The impossible will remain impossible, but everything possible must be done.

Агентирование морских судов

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